Adult and Continuing Education Services AIKOPA is an adult education unit jointly run by its parent organisations in the Kajaani University Consortium: University of Oulu and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. AIKOPA offers university-level education, development and specialist services that fulfil the requirements of regional, national and international working life contexts. 

AIKOPA implements and coordinates different projects and offers versatile services to working communities. These projects, network-based training and development services are organized in cooperation with customers with the aim of developing their professional skills and competence.   

AIKOPA’s partner universities are the University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland and University of Eastern Finland. Cooperation between the Universities in the University consortium is developed through different projects. Furthermore, AIKOPA cooperates with the network of the Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Training is an investment, which improves the competitiveness of working communities both regionally and internationally!



For further information, please contact 

Ms Irene Salomäki, Development Manager
Tel. +35840 838 0923
Email. firstname.lastname@aikopa.fi 


References of AIKOPA projects:

Kainuu’s Social Work Education and Development Project (KASKK)
The KASKK project aims to address the shortage of social workers in the region and the needs for the research and development of know-how. 
The project’s target group are social workers, and those working in the social field, who are living in the Kainuu region and who lack the statutory qualifications required for the post.
In addition, the target groups of the project include municipalities in the Kainuu area, joint municipal boards, health care facilities and special services for social welfare, whose work practices and structures are being developed in cooperation with the project.
Indirectly, development of the structures of social work in the project, safeguards the well-being of the whole population of Kainuu. 

Implementation period: 1.1.2018-31.12.2020.
For more information:
Ms Anna-Mari Kynsijärvi
Project coordinator
Tel. 040 566 1279


Doctoral studies to Kainuu region (TOHOPI)
TOHOPI is an ESF-funded project, which promotes PhD studies in Kainuu and explores different ways for companies to develop their own know-how along with the PhD students. The aim of the project is to support Kainuu's students who are interested in completing their postgraduate studies by offering courses, networking events and opportunities for peer support. The project will develop the participants' own skills and contribute to the availability of skilled, highly qualified workforce in Kainuu. This will maintain and develop the competitiveness of both regional companies and public organizations. TOHOPI-news can be followed on the project’s facebook page

Implementation period: 1.3.2016-31.12.2019
For more information:
Ms Anna-Mari Kynsijärvi
Tel. 040 566 1279


Experts recruitment for Kajaani metal industry companies
Recruiting metal industry professionals from Russian Karelia to Kajaani companies. The recruiting will help ease the direct labor shortage. Recruitment events are organized in the metal industry in the Russian Karelia in cooperation with Kajaani companies, other partners as well as Russian operators. In the project, training is organized for the recruiters to ensure the smooth start of work. Also, if needed, facilitating the provision of continuing education for recruiting persons in Finnish or in vocational skills.

Implementation period: N/A
For more information:
Mr Hannu Tikkanen
Tel. 044 710 1631

Further training for kindergarten teachers - Separate selection of early childhood education
for Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences 180 ECTS

In Kajaani, supplementary education of kindergarten teachers is carried out according to the degree requirements of early childhood education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu. 

There is a shortage of kindergarten teachers in Kainuu and Eastern and Northern Finland. Additional education aims at facilitating the shortage of kindergarten teachers, especially in the areas of Northern Finland and Kainuu. Graduates from qualification training from the previous VAKA development project/Kindergarten teacher were immediately employed in the area. From that it was noticed that there was still a need for new training.

Implementation period: 14.12.2015–31.7.2018
For more information: 
Ms Teija Mursula
Tel. 040 5897 197


The map of Kainuu 
The map of Kainuu - the map of multicultural education and guidance is a comprehensive training program supporting immigration, which will be implemented in the Kainuu region between 2016 and 2018. 
The training package is particularly based on the needs expressed by migration worker in the Kainuu region, who emphasize the importance of cooperation and networking activities in the production of high-quality services.  
Implementation period: 1.8.2016 – 30.6.2018
For more information:
Ms Anu Piirainen                                                                                                                                                                     
Tel. 044 7101 395